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Large tonnage lifting sling how to buy, Lift tell you

Author : xuyingte Date : 2017-10-17 22:13:24
 Large tonnage lifting sling how to buy, Lift tell you
Lifting belt is now basically the implementation of the European standards, the safety factor of 6: 1, that is, 100 tons of lifting belt, breaking force of 600 tons, large tonnage lifting belt to do a good job, the standard breaking power are basically a few hundred tons, Test machine has hundreds of tons of tension on the market, not much. Coupled with large tonnage lifting with high cost, so the basic customers can not actually do the normal test. But also to some non-authentic vendors or small manufacturers a opportunistic opportunity, why some vendors are still lower than the price of the manufacturer, only the wrong to buy, will not be wrong to sell, 100 tons of circular lifting belt, breaking force of 600 tons , Take 300 tons of breaking force and even 200 tons of breaking force of the lifting belt, but also to mention up to 100 tons of heavy objects, it seems no problem, in the event of shaking, the driver raised a little faster, resulting in acceleration, or A little fatigue, then lifting the belt will be broken, causing damage, so to emphasize how much breaking force, the actual breaking force for the number
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